THE MUSEUM VITTORINO CAZZETTA , stablished in 1982 was completely restored and refurbished in 2010. Inside you can admire some discoveries internationally as the Burial of Mondeval Man found at Mondeval de Sora and the cast of the boulder with footprints dinosaurs that lies at the foot of Mount Pelmetto . The museum is divided into three sections : Geological , Archaeological and Historical and is dedicated to Vittorino Cazzetta an enthusiastic autodidact who made the discovery of these important finds.
SECTION GEOLOGICAL , it consists of illustrated panels that explain the Geological formation of the Dolomites and the Val Fiorentina and in a large room where the huge cast of rock found at the foot of Mount Pelmetto where the footprints of dinosaurs have been found . The room is full of a rich collection of fossils and rocks , photographs and drawings illustrated panels.
THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SECTION, is entirely dedicated to the Burial of Mondeval Man discovered in 1987 in the area Mondeval de Sora to 2150m altitude. From first the environmental characteristics of the time are discussed , the morphology the Basin Mondeval de Sora and the living habits of these ancient nomads. Later you can see the entire grave goods until you reach a starry room where under our feet there is the original skeleton of this our legendary ancestor.
IN THE HISTORICAL SECTION, you can see ancient parchments and maps from the Middle Age,  the Paleo Veneta stele found on Mount Pore, some flint coming from Mandriz Site and some casts of Roman engravings. The Museum also offers various services, a book shop, a coffee bar, a conference room, a cloakroom, a library, a ticket office and an audiovisual room.


Via IV Novembre 32020 Selva di Cadore (BL)
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The dinosaur footprints: when the dolomites were a barrier reef

The mondeval man: an ancient ancestor lived in thousands of years ago