Customs and traditions that are resistant to changes of history

The Magnifica Regola of Selva di Cadore and Pescul represents the value it had for centuries respect for the land for the population of Selva di Cadore. This ancient institution formed by the ancient families of Selva di Cadore, has had over time a key role in preserving intact the territory, managing the assets of collective property of the forest, meadows, pastures, and maintains a fair balance between the needs of man and the environment.
The ancient villages calls VILE, with their architecture is a symbol of Ladinità of Selva di Cadore, the arrangement of separate from the main house with barns around the fields and meadows formed the first settlements of Pescul - L' Andria and Vila. The wooden Tabia recall the close ties that existed between the people and the environment, some details of architecture as "the Barconelle" small mullioned windows carved in the wood will lead you to love this our valley.

The inhabitants of the Val Fiorentina shield and love their traditions, the dialect is still very widely spoken among the young, typical dishes handed down from mother to daughter and the traditional clothing still used during the big celebrations are 3 of the cornerstones of our identity .

Talking to the locals or just plain strolling through the old barns you still breathe this air of tradition and respect for nature and culture.