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Between 1915 and 1918, it was fought on the Dolomites The First World War also known as the Great War.

The Italian and Austro-Hungarian army faced each other in our mountains, fighting a bloody war. The frequent battles, the severe winter temperatures, the risk of avalanches and weather conditions, put to the test the soldiers' resistance.

During the long years of war they were built defensive trenches, posts, forts, barracks and tunnels dug into the rock. In recent years these historical artifacts have been restored, today there are many paths and museums that you can visit to keep alive the memory of those years and give opportunities to those who visit these places, to understand the difficulties and suffering that the soldiers tried on both fronts.

Lagazuoi - Cinque Torri - Marmolada - Col di lana


The area around the Falzarego Pass was during the First World War a strategic point, the reasons that made this area so important were that it was next to Valparola Pass, gateway to the Val Badia and from there to the Brennero, and also it was deployed a near the Col di Lana. For this there are many historical sites that you can visit today.

- Climb to the Sas de Stria walking in the trenches or along the Goiginger tunnel - Visit the Fort Museum Tre Sassi on the Valparola Pass.

- The climb or descent Lagazuoi gallery inside of the tunnel excavated during the conflict - Path of Kaiserjager leading to the summit of the Lagazuoi.

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During the conflict in this area Italian troops were spread and the artillery was willing in the direction of the Lagazuoi and the Tre Sassi Fort. The restoration of the trenches, walkways and posts allows the visitor to understand the deployment of Italian troops during the war. From Selva di Cadore you can reach the Rifugio Fedare and to climb them by chairlift to Rifugio Averau and back down to the 5 Torri area.

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Hike to the top of the Col di Lana, the theater of bloody clashes in the First World War and also remembered for the episode that saw the Italian soldiers to detonate a huge size mine.
It starts from the village of Palla and Agai in the village of Pieve di Livinallongo, the excursion winds along the side of the mountain and climb a small road built by the military and leads to the summit of Mount at 2465m altitude. The travel time is about 6 hours round trip. At the top there is a small church in memory of the soldiers died during the conflict.


The Marmolada is one of the most notorious war theaters, in it the Austrians dug the famous "Ice City" a labyrinth of tunnels dug into the glacier, now disappeared due to the natural movement of the ice.
To visit the area where once passed the border, it goes up in altitude, here are some hiking trails that lead to the places of the Great War also you can visit the Museum (the highest in Europe at nearly 3,000 meters) altitude, at the station Punta Rocca there is also a small chapel consecrated by the POPE Giovanni Paolo II

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