Mountain Bike - Bike Path for Families to Palui

All' inzio dell'area pic nic
All' inzio dell'area pic nic

A simple circular circuit suitable for families or beginners who move their first steps in the MTB. Dirt roads and paths from  the picnic area leading up to the Alpine Hut Aquileia. The circuit starts on the left at the beginning of the picnic area, or for more trained you can even start from Pescul, taking the road that then becomes a path that starts on the left next to the last barns of Pescul. The route crosses from before the pastures where horses and cows live freely and through a forest of firs, always on the side of Fiorentina stream. The arrival is the Refuge Aquileia, for those who are not yet tired can go around on the plain in front of the hut at the feet of Mount Pelmo. The return takes place: the first part always in the woods for the same route, the second segment runs always follows the river but on the opposite side. The entire ring is mostly flat or slightly uphill, the total length is 4 km and is suitable for families with children and beginners with a minimum of training.


During the tour you can see the cows and horses grazing


Rifugio Aquileia - Baita Flora Alpina


4 km Anello
Dirty road path trail
Beste Jahreszeit
Late spring summer autumn