A small dream: The Lake of Baste

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1.30 Andata
Passo Giau
Mondeval - Lago de le Baste

Excursion which quickly leads to Lake of Baste and Mondeval plateau. Starting from the Passo Giau you follow the path 436 of the Alta Via n. 1. The initially flat route passes through the high Val di Zonia where if you are lucky you can see chamois grazing along the ridges of Mount Cernera, exceeded the Col Piombin 2239 m the path descends along the easy rocks, and back them leaning more to the height of 2360m of Forcella Giau. From the Forcella you can enjoy a spectacular view on the Tofane and 5 Torri. In front of us stands the plateau of Mondeval de Sora it can see immediately the Lake of Baste which is reached by following the path on the right or through the high mountain pastures. After passing a few large boulders broke away from the Lastoi del Formini called "The City of Stones" you get to the small lake. The silence and the atmosphere of this place will enchant you and a photo to the Mount Pelmo that reflects in the lake is a must. After passing the pool you can go down to the site of the Mesolithic burial of  The Mondeval Man  and from there back to the trail 436. For the more trained you can reach Forcella Ambrizola and get off at the Rifugio Croda da Lago or the Rifugio Città di Fiume. Return along the same way.


Zona di alto pregio naturalistico inserita nel Sistema Dolomiti Unesco Pelmo - Croda da Lago


Calzature da trekking in buone condizioni e bastoncini


Possibile partire dalla località di L' Andria a Selva di Cadore


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