In the Dolomites Unesco System Number 1 above of  village of Selva di Cadore ther' is a place with immense charm among the most visited of the Dolomites, the plateau of Mondeval de Sora.

Nestled between Mount Pelmo, Croda da Lago, Bec Mezodi, the Lastoi of Formin and Mount Cernera, Mondeval de Sora broades along a vast plateau at altitude ranging from 2150 through to 2360 Forcella Giau. A wilderness area from natural value inserted in the Dolomites UNESCO System Pelmo - Croda da Lago and between SIC-ZPS Natura 2000 sites, where they live in their habitat to numerous species of flora and fauna.
The access routes to Mondeval are directly from Selva di Cadore going up from Mondeval di Sotto or walking from Rifugio Città di Fiume through Forcella Col Duro or Passo Giau through Forcella Giau.
Along the plateau there are many high-interest sites. Among the first the boulder where was found the burial of  the Mondeval Man whose skeleton is located at the Museum Vittorino Cazzetta in Selva di Cadore. Just above you can admire the Monte Pelmo which is reflected in the Lago de Baste, this area is frequented by numerous photographers enthusiasts who find in this small lake an enchanting setting to photograph. Shortly before the Forcella Giau meet the "City of Stones" so named because the shape of large boulders broke away from the Lastoi del Formin recall a legendary city.
But the specific feature that makes Mondeval unique is the landscape and the views that can be admired from Forcella Ambrizzola and Forcella Giau, the view extends to the Tofane, 5 Torri, Giau Pass, Marmolada and Cortina d'Ampezzo with Sorapis, Cristallo and Croda Rossa,  Mount Civetta and Pelmo.
Do not miss the opportunity to visit the plateau of Mondeval step by step will be like walking through the pages in a book of fantasy.