Mountain Bike the Val Fiorentina and its villages

Parcheggio impianti di risalita a Pescul
Parcheggio impianti di risalita a Pescul

The panoramic tour of the Val Fiorentina cross many villages of the municipalities of Selva di Cadore and Colle Santa Lucia. From the square of the chairlift of Pescul climb along the dirt road n. 569 until you reach the intersection of Costaza 1568m. Here a beautiful descent leads us to an abandoned village named Fiorentina. Back on the asphalt road we climb some turns to below the Square of Selva di Cadore, 100 meters before reaching the church turn left to the hamlet of Villa and from there down to Codalonga, passed the stream go up for a little rise up to Pian di Colle Saint Lucia. On the opposite side of the main road start "El troi of Siori" up to the characteristic village of Posalz. From Posalz it descends until it crosses the road of the Passo Giau which we continue for a few meters, passing a bridge and on the right we would find the sign for Rova - Zardin. Just before the first houses a very steep ramp that goes up and continue until Pien Dare 1652m and from there to an equally steep descent to the L' Andria. On reaching the village continue on the left and after the Pont de Tofol go up on the left for a paved road that will exceed Malga Pien de Vacia up to the locality of Piera de l' Auta 1756m. Last slope to the Palui where on the right start a path along the meadows arrive in Pescul so as to complete our tour.



a detailed map of the area is recommended

Rest points

Vari punti lungo i villaggi


21 km
Dirt road - paved road - trail
Best time
Late spring summer autumn