Trail bike & trek for families Ai Palui

Medium easy
2 ore
All' inzio dell'area pic nic
All' inzio dell'area pic nic

For kids love the Mountain Bike or just for those wishing to take a short walk into the locality of Palui in the area extending from the picnic area at the Hut Aquileia winds this circuit trail for hiking trails and dirt roads leading to the Rifugio Aquileia. The departure is on the left at the beginning of the picnic area or you can also start from Pescul (more challenging) taking the path that starts on the left next to the last houses. The route across the meadows where horses and cows graze and through a forest of fir trees, still following the Fiorentina stream. The destination is the Rifugio Aquileia, if you are not still tired you can walk around the plain in front of the Hut. The return takes: the first part for the same path, the second stretch is along the river on the opposite side Fiorentina. The route is mostly flat or slightly uphill, the length is 4 km round trip and is suitable for families and beginners with a minimum of training.


Along the way you can admire the animals grazing

Rest points

Rifugio Aquileia - Baita Flora Alpina


mtb or trekking stroller


For more trained possibility of starting directly from Pescul, the paved road starts on the left before the last barn


4 km Anello
Dirt road - trail
Best time
Late spring summer autumn