Walking historical and cultural at the village of L Andria

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Santa Fosca
Santa Fosca

The village of L Andria was one of the first settlements in the territories of Val Fiorentina. The characteristics for which he was chosen were the abundance of water and its position relative to the sun, which made him particularly sunny. This route starts at Santa Fosca and goes by the  way of Perraze where on the right there is the small churches of Madonna of the Snow erected to commemorate the tragically deceased disappeared because of a landslide that broke away in 1917 from the slopes of the Piz Corvo. He will continue arriving at the Pont de Toffol on stream Loschiesuoi. From here on, there are many ancient artifacts that can admire. If you climb to Toffol you can visit the old mill still working, and just further up "la calchera" and the "busa de la ciauzina" to make lime in ancient times. Continuing instead along the road that runs through the hamlet of Andria will meet numerous barns with carved characteristc windows in wood "Barconele", "The Travai" for shoeing the cows, "the Faer" for the drying of the bean, the church os St. Osvaldo, the old fountain and typical houses in Ladin style. The way leads to join with the main street, and return comfortably in Santa Fosca, on the way you can admire the Capitel of Bernart restored some years ago. Along the way you will find some descriptions of artifacts encountered but for a better illustration, at the tourist office in Selva di Cadore you can buy the guidebook of the cultural route of L'Andria.


At the tourist office is on sale a guidebook of the cultural route of L'Andria.


2.50 km
Asphalt road
Best time
From January to December