Walking - Santa Fosca - Piera de l'Auta - Santa Fosca

Cernera, Croda da Lago, Lastoi di Formin
3.30 ore
Santa Fosca
Santa Fosca

It starts from Santa Fosca and you will soon reach the L'Andria / Toffol. From here turn right  along a paved road that leads you to Malga Pien de Vacia. Just over the Farm the road is flat. It goes round a few small ponds where the mountain frogs reproduced in the spring and you arrive at Piera de l 'Auta. The Legend narrates that right here, many years ago lived the Ladies of Mondeval in a small castle ....... of which now remained only the flat boulder that you can see name Piera de l'Auta. After a short stop cross the bridge over the stream Cordon and the descent begins that after a few turns reaches the pastures near the picnic area . We take the forest trail we pass a footbridge over the river Cordon and short reach Pescul and from there to the state Santa Fosca.

Rest points

Malga Pien de Vacia


After the Farm of Pien de Vacia on the right down a path that leads to Santa Fosca


Dolomite group
Cernera, Croda da Lago, Lastoi di Formin
9 km Anello
Paved road
Best time
All year long