Just few meters from the Molino cable-car station, you can admire the museum-atelier of the artist Augusto Murer, considered one of the greatest Italian sculptors of the Twentieth Century.

Murer was born in Falcade in 1922 and his artworks, in wood and bronze, are exhibited in many museums all over the World, and adorn the squares of many Italian cities.

Contacts: Via Scola 13 - 32020 Falcade - tel.0437 599059 - www.museomurer.it - [email protected] 

The Monument to the Partisan in Venice (1964)
The bronze panels for the twentieth anniversary of Resistance and Liberation in Belluno, (1965)
The Victory Monument in Vittorio Veneto, (1968)
The War Memorial on the Piana del Cansiglio, (1970)
The Monument to the Partisan on Monte Grappa, (1974)
The Monument to the Partisan in Mirano (1975)
The bronze reliefs of Caxias do Sul, on the doors of the cathedral S. Pellegrino in Brazil, (1974)
The monument to the Resistance in Teramo (1977)
The monument to Giacomo Matteotti in Rovigo (1978)