The traditional cuisine of the Dolomites has poor origins and it's based on simple dishes, but with the authentic and distinctive taste which reflects the nature of these beautiful alpine valleys. The same dishes that our grandmothers cooked are now revisited and proposed by the chefs, always faithful to tradition, in restaurants and mountains huts.


Corn, potatoes, barley, pumpkins, mushrooms, beans and other legumes are the more present in the recipes and typical dishes of the Dolomites.
But the highlight of this region are also the dairy products: cheese, milk and butter represented for centuries the main source of protein for the inhabitants of the Dolomite valleys.
Even today in the alpine huts many types of cheese are produced using the milk of cows that during the summer seasons graze on the mountains. Often is possible to buy and taste them on the spot. The meat, which is also of very good quality, is mainly wild game (deer, roe deer), but there is also pastin (salted and spiced minced meat), speck, sausages and salamis. Furthermore honey, jams and sauces to match with cheese and cold cuts.


Among the first courses we have the "Casunziei" (ravioli stuffed with pumpkin or spinach), potato gnocchi with smoked cottage cheese or pumpkin, canederli (balls of bread with speck), and barley soup.
While in main dishes game is the main ingredient, together with polenta, other undisputed star of the Dolomite cuisine. Polenta with venison then, but also with pastin, with melting cheese, and schiz (typical Belluno's cheese). Desserts, also prepared with simple but fresh ingredients, are really delicious: cakes and pies made with apples, wild berries, nuts, cottage cheese ... and then crostoli, carfogn, strudel, smorm. Simple dishes with the authentic Dolomites' flavor... Light? Surely not! But undoubtedly delicious!!!


Flavored grappas are typically DoloMITHYCAL! Winter is long, you know ... especially in the mountains, where it is also very very cold. So, in order to warm up,there is nothing better than a good grappa, or "sgnapa", as we say here.
Homemade grappas with cumin, mugho pine, fir, gentian, juniper, but also blueberry, raspberry, hazelnut, milk and many others.
There's something to suit all tastes!