Trekking - Arabba - Passo Pordoi

Arabba, piazzale funivia Portavescovo

From Arabba, starting off from the Porta Vescovo cable car lift, take the trail that goes towards Passo Pordoi, along the Cordevole torrent. When you arrive at Pont de Vauz (at the bottom of the chair lift), cross the state road and continue along the path that crosses some fields and where you will often see cows grazing. Then you come to a mountain lodge. From here you can see marmots and if you are patient, you will see them running from one hole to the next to alert their friends. From the lodge you proceed towards Passo Pordoi, going up over a ski slope. Once you get to the top it is worth a visit to the tiny chapel located at the base of the Sass Becè. It is also advisable to visit the Ossuary to the War Fallen - Ossario ai Caduti di guerra which is about 1 km from the top of the pass. To return to Arabba you can take an alternative route, taking the trail marked CAI n. 680 that goes towards Porta Vescovo and following the north face of the crests. It is a convenient trail that is a favourite for Mountain Bikers. When the path crosses the dirt road that leads to Porta Vescovo, turn left and go down towards the state road. Then you go back to Pont de Vauz, and return along the same trail.


The come back is possible also following the CAI reference n. 680

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Ristoro Lezuo


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