Via Ferrata Cesare Piazzetta

Very difficult
6 ore circa (andata e ritorno)
Elevation gain
913 m
Passo Pordoi
Piz Boè

From Passo Pordoi, follow the signs to the military shrine indicated "Sacrario Militare Germanico (Militärische Gedenkstätte)". Once you've passed the monument, start climbing the southern face following the well-marked path, until you are in the Valle de Joèl. Passing through a hollow, you reach a flatland that takes you to the base of the walls among rock detritus and debris. Follow the wall in an Easterly direction until you reach the start of the ferrata (sign). The vertical wall that the metal cable winds along is particularly challenging and selective; you cross it from the right and the left, constantly exposed, passing over some high steps and a dihedral (two metal cables help in climbing), until you come to a staircase.  Some metal spikes provide support to get past the last exposed stretch that takes you to a ledge. You squeeze into a narrow canal (be careful not to underestimate it), and then you come to a tiny, Himalayan type bridge suspended between two walls (cross one person at a time!). There are other large steps and walls, from about 5 to 25 metres, to climb with the help of some well provided supports. Half way across the ledge you have to scale another exposed wall that has excellent handholds (metal cables). Afterward there are some rocky climbs that are easy to overcome to get to the peak. You keep going across jumps and rocks until you reach another stretch that is not equipped. This part is tricky and slippery, with no cables and lots of rocky detritus and gravel, but it is made safe by huge nails cemented at a regular distance of about 20 m, to guarantee the climb for groups equipped with rock climbing gear (be very careful not to cause a rockslide). From here you can reach the last series of stairs and ledges until on your left (Westward) you will find a trail that crosses the wild open valley under the Piz Boe that goes to the Forcella Pordoi.


Dolomite group
Sud del gruppo del Sella
3152 m
Best time