Ski touring is an increasingly popular sport and is a cross between skiing and mountaineering: thanks to special skis and seal skins, you can go both up and down the mountains. This sport lets you get close to nature and enjoy breathtaking scenery, satisfying both your love for skiing and mountaineering.

There are many trails for ski touring enthusiasts on the slopes of Monte Civetta; here are some suggestions, with details and other information so you can take up this exciting sport! 

WARNING: enjoy the mountains but be safe, don’t forget to contact the alpine guides who work in the area!
Why not try a totally new way of experiencing the wide open spaces in the mountains, skiing far from the crowded slopes, and pushing yourself and your technique to the very limit in breathtaking downhill runs!

To get a real thrill from the descent on unexplored slopes, especially for more inexperienced skiers, we always recommend you contact the local alpine guides who will accompany you to ensure the highest safety standards in the mountains and consult the snow and avalanche bulletin. Always remember that the level of difficulty of a run can change according to the weather and snow conditions!

The routes are given purely as an indication, never go off piste without the right equipment and without a qualified guide.