Restaurant la Caminatha

Val di Zoldo

The cuisine and cooking of Hotel “La Caminatha” will undoubtedly leave an unforgettable and pleasurable remembrance of you holiday.

The restaurant of the hotel directly overlooks the spectacular landscape of the Civetta, San sebastiano, Molazza and the top of the Mezzodi mountan, a perfect panorama to satisfy, and increase the pleasure of the palates. The recipes are carefully chosen and elaborated by Mrs. Rosy, the owner, who collects fresh, seasoned vegetables from the garden of the hotel, preparing the food according to best traditional, local and national culinary; bread is freshly baked and served daily in the buffet.

The antique Zoldani ice-cream tradition, famous in the whole world, is conserved, respected and re proposed by the son of the owner of the Hotel “La Caminatha”, treat yourself to the incredible and delicious taste of artisan ice-cream.

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