The Ethnographic Museum


The Ethnographic Museum of San Vito di Cadore is home to thousands of exhibits and a wealth of photographs representing the practical day-to-day culture of the area, with the aim of keeping alive the memory of the arts and crafts and farming traditions of the Cadore Valley. Located in the Resinego di Sotto neighbourhood, the museum displays objects that speak of the arts and crafts and farming traditions of yesteryear, showing off such trades as carpentry and agriculture, the skills employed in dairies, traditional open-hearth cooking and the art of the firefighters. There are also scale models of a wooden bridge and a watermill. The Ethnographic Museum has a second site in what was once the San Vito railway station, on the famous cycle trail La Lunga Via delle Dolomiti, which contains a working model of the Trenino Azzurro delle Dolomiti, the little blue train that once travelled those tracks, together with a great many historic photographs. Outside the museum a vegetable garden has been built featuring the crops of the past, an educational facility used to teach children and adults about the plants once cultivated in the area.

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Via Senes, 7 / Former railway station on the cycle trail
32046 – San Vito di Cadore
Tel. 0436/9337
E-mail [email protected] .

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