Cibiana di Cadore is a tiny municipality of only 450 inhabitants, perched 985 metres above sea level and protected by towering peaks, it is almost hidden from the world. Largely untouched by rampant commercialism and mass tourism, this place is a little jewel of authenticity, where the people still revel in the simple mountain life as it has been lived for centuries. Traditional cottages, some dating back to the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries and cobbled streets that seem to cling precariously to the valley slopes create just the right atmosphere in which to explore its rustic treasures.
One of the main attractions of Cibiana are the murals from which it takes its nickname The Town of the Murals. These paintings by well-respected artists decorate the houses throughout the village, telling its story. Thus the walls speak of the succession of arts, crafts, festivals and legends that made up the life of yesteryear. This is an open-air museum housing 50 murals creating an artistic journey unique of its kind.
Cibiana now offers visitors family-run accommodation, apartments and rooms to rent and welcoming mountain refuges in which you can savour the delicious local cuisine.
Nearby Cibiana Pass is the ideal departure point for some amazing hikes, along Alta Via delle Dolomiti no. 3, a visit to the old mine works or to the peak of Monte Rite towering over the town. Many of these trails can be taken in the winter using snow shoes or ski-mountaineering techniques. In addition to the pleasures of rambling and hiking there is plenty to see of historical and cultural interest. At the summit of Monte Rite, a former Great War fort has been refurbished and reinvented as what is now Europe’s highest museum – the Messner Mountain Museum Dolomites, known as the Museum in the Clouds, in which the rich heritage of relics, photos, academic studies and works of art tell the story of the exploration of and mountaineering in the Dolomites.
During the winter season Cibiana offers visitors a cross-country skiing experience with breath-taking views along trails of different lengths, all of average difficulty. The 2km ring-shaped route also has lighting, making it possible to go cross-country skiing amid the magical night-time landscape.