Messner Mountain Museum Dolomites


The Messner Mountain Museum Dolomites or the Museum in the Clouds sits on the summit of Monte Rite, in Cibiana di Cadore, with a breath-taking view over three valleys and two towering Dolomite peaks. The museum has been carved out of what was once a mountain fort in a location of extraordinary peace and quiet. Inside, the museum tells the story of the conquest of the Dolomites, their exploration and mountaineering history, through paintings from the Reinold Messner collection - a voyage of discovery in the Dolomites from the Romantic Movement to contemporary art. This former fort has been transformed into a museum that tells a fascinating story of human passions and human history in a stunning, totally unique setting.

The Messner Mountain Museum Dolomites is currently closed and it can only be visited during the summer months. For more information .

Monte Rite – Cibiana di Cadore
Tel 0435/890996
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Picture by Gianfranco Valagussa

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