Cibiana Murals


The Cibiana Murals are a permanent art exhibition on the walls of the traditional village houses. These massive frescoes have been painted on the walls of some houses in order to create an open-air gallery that every year is enriched with new works. A number of Italian artists have contributed to this amazing display, including the local artist Vico Calabrò, from San Vito di Cadore, as well as foreign artists from as far afield as Japan and Russia.
The idea for the Cibiana Murals took shape in 1980, the aim being to uncover the local history, traditions, trades and cultural heritage and present all this as an art form that would be accessible to the general public. The effect of the murals is to enhance the existing heritage of the village and its buildings, embellishing the houses in such a way as to recall those iconic Mediaeval Italian towns. Exploring this magical place, known as “il Paese dei Murales” leads you on a voyage of discovery through the narrow village streets, immersed in a scenario that is both picturesque and surreal and, as you gaze in rapture at the glorious frescoes, you will experience first-hand that unique spell cast by Cibiana.

This open-air gallery and the stunning imagery of its murals in which great Italian and foreign artists have painted the history of the village on the walls of its houses, can be visited all year round. For more information .

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