Tiziano Vecellio's house


The house in which the painter Tiziano Vecellio, known as Titian, was born and his family took refuge from the devastation and reprisals wrought by the Germans in the 15th Century, is located in Pieve di Cadore. The architecture and décor of this family home in which Titian first saw the light of day, is typical of the very distinctive local style, enabling visitors to immerse themselves completely in this little piece of Italian art history. The house has two floors. The ground floor is home to a collection of reproductions of Titian’s drawings, the originals being housed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The atmosphere changes on the first floor where the rooms in which Titian spent his childhood and to which he returned whenever he came back home have been lovingly preserved.

Currently the house is only open to the public by pre-booked appointment. For more information www.museicadoredolomiti.it .

Via Arsenale, 4
32044 – Pieve di Cadore
Tel. 0435/32262
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