Cortina d'Ampezzo is committed to making the tourist experience open and welcoming thanks to the 'Social and Inclusive Tourism in Veneto' project. In this context, Se.Am. offers free electric wheelchairs and mono-skis on loan for those with disabilities in their lower limbs. This initiative reflects Cortina's desire to ensure easy access to its natural beauty for every visitor, emphasising the importance of diversity and inclusiveness in the enjoyment of local attractions.



The monoski, also known as a shell or sit ski, is a device specially designed to allow people with disabilities in their lower limbs to experience skiing. Thanks to this device, the winter sport becomes accessible to everyone, offering a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the excitement of the snowy slopes. The monoski eliminates physical barriers, allowing anyone to embrace the beauty and excitement of skiing adventures in an inclusive and fulfilling way.


The Zoomability electric wheelchair, with its four-wheel drive, represents a significant advancement towards independence for those who face challenges related to lower limb disabilities. Thanks to its robust and manoeuvrable design, it provides stability on a variety of surfaces, allowing users to manage daily activities with confidence and freedom. Advanced electronic features and built-in comfort make the Zoomability a reliable companion, promoting limitless mobility and contributing tangibly to improving the quality of life of its users


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