Taste the wonder of the Ampezzo Valley 


Typical recipes and signature dishes like spätzle, barley soup, goulash, buckwheat cake, raspberry and gelato just to name a few, are made with home-grown products, freshly prepared by experienced hands.

A mouth-watering brunch becomes not only a tasting, but also a delightful gourmands’ excursion with a breath-taking landscape on the Dolomites for a real senses’ experiences.

Cortina d’Ampezzo is bliss for quality wines, handcrafted beers, cocktails or healthy drinks, as it offers wine-bars, pubs and cafes to suit all tastes. 

Not only a food holiday then, but a new outstanding experience which involves all your senses. 

Where to eat in Cortina

Tasty excursions

The Queen of the Dolomites offers numerous itineraries punctuated by clearings with grazing cattle, donkeys and horses, and cosy venues for refreshments. You can relax amidst traditional aromas and the sunlight on the summery terraces that are a feature of many mountain lodges. On the coldest days, it is well worth enjoying the traditional dishes inside, revelling in the warmth of the old-style majolica wood-burning stoves.

Don’t miss the classic casunziei, half-moon-shaped pasta envelopes with a beetroot filling and sprinkled with poppy seeds, canederli, and many other local specialities.