Falegnameria Stefano Ghezze


Falegnameria Ghezze produces furniture in style, in arte povera, rustic, also based on customer designs, interior furnishings also in old wood, with artisan care, entirely handmade, an expression of the most typical Ampezzo craftsmanship. 

The mastery of a team of craftsmen who shape wood under the guidance of Stefano Ghezze is the guarantee for uniquely beautiful furniture. 

Sobriety and balance are the main features of the furniture made, characteristics that make it suitable for any type of environment. The experience and versatility of the workmanship makes it possible to adapt to any structural arrangement of the environment: this is why Ghezze makes the furniture entirely to measure, making it exclusive, comfortable and functional.

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Località Pian da Lago, 29 - 32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)