Ride in Cortina MTB Guides


We are a group of professional Mountain-Bike Guides, accredited both by the Italian mountain-bike academy and the Ride In Cortina brand.


The importance of being able to handle a bike successfully is the essence of this brand. In fact, all Ride in Cortina instructors or guides have an impressive competition curriculum, and their objective is to teach students all the secrets necessary to improve their techniques, showing them that mountain-biking is a true passion, even when performed at competition levels. 

As Ride In Cortina guides, we work with any type of bicycle, mountain-bike, e-bike, enduro bike, downhill bike, street bike or dirt bike, the important thing is that it should have two wheels! 

In addition to their notable experience, the thing that all Ride In Cortina guides have in common is a limitless enthusiasm for mountain-biking and for the nature surrounding Cortina d’Ampezzo

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