Over 1000 years of inhabitation have endowed the town with a set of precious traditions, a rich history and its own local language.

Cortina was among the first Alpine destinations to host tourists, firstly explorers and scientists, then the royals and aristocrats of several countries; it kept evolving and transforming, remaining at the centre of the stage: Italy’s first Olympic Games in 1956, the Dolce Vita in the 60s and then the films and film stars, the sparkly 80s...Today, Cortina cherishes its unique blend of local traditions, heritage and cosmopolitan lifestyle.



The wide Ampezzo Valley and the Dolomites surrounding it make Cortina a privileged spot for sports enthusiasts and sporting events: the 1956 Winter Olympics, the 2021 World Ski Championships and the Winter Olympics once again in 2026, this time along with Milan.

In the summer, it offers hundreds of kilometres of hiking trails, over thirty via ferratas, a golf course and then MTB, road biking and climbing routes. In the winter, it provides legendary ski slopes, the Olympic ice stadium, a vast array of snowshoeing and ski touring options as well as cross-country skiing pistes in the Natural Park.

What gives Cortina an edge is how sports can be practised in one of the world’s most beautiful mountain environments.



Wonderful panoramas, comfortable hotels, fresh air and a picturesque town centre: Cortina gives its guests all they need to feel good, including great food and some wellness options.

The numerous mountain huts provide a cosy ambiance and hearty, traditional food, while awarded restaurants add that extra creativity and innovation and agriturismi and Alpine farms deliver local products and natural food.

Another ingredient for a relaxing holiday in the Dolomites are the spa areas of many of Cortina’s hotels and the wellness experiences offered by local professionals.

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