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From 01.12.2023 to 07.04.2024

Three special beers

Tastings in the entire Cortina Delicious area

From 07.12.2023 to 01.04.2024

Giorgio de Chirico exhibition

"Biennale on fire" 1950-1954

From 08.12.2023 to 31.03.2024

The Great War snowshoe hike

Snowshoe hike in the footsteps of history to the stronghold Cima Gallina

From 08.12.2023 to 30.03.2024

Moonlight Dinners

Nighttime ascent on the 5 Torri chairlift, dinner in a mountain hut and descent by snowmobile

From 09.12.2023 to 31.03.2024

Una Montagna di Libri

4 months of meetings with writers from all over the world

From 02.01.2024 to 01.04.2024

Good night Glaciers

Exhibition of the Ice Memory project

From 02.01.2024 to 28.03.2024

Ice skating in Cortina

At the Olympic Ice Stadium

From 04.02.2024 to 01.04.2024

Super8 Ski Tour contest

Photo & Video Reel Competition

From 01.03.2024 to 31.03.2024

Cortina Winter Guest

Lots of activities in the Cortina Experience

From 04.03.2024 to 10.03.2024

A Pink Dish - Women's Day on the snow

A tribute to women and to the Ampezzo Ladin gastronomic tradition

From 07.03.2024 to 09.03.2024


The classic car event on the roads of the Dolomites

Friday 08.03.2024

Audi Days

The last of 3 days dedicated to 3 different Audi models

From 08.03.2024 to 09.03.2024

FIS Snowboard Cross World Cup

Another spectacular race for snowboard lovers

Friday 08.03.2024

Giro d'Italia al de Len

Decanting the territories

Friday 08.03.2024

Special Women's Day Dinner

Harp and beetroots at the Averau Hut

Saturday 09.03.2024

80's Night

At Hotel de la Poste

Saturday 09.03.2024

Lucio meets Lucio

A 'meeting' between two pillars of Italian songwriting

Saturday 09.03.2024

Tofana Music Day

A unique experience of music and skiing on the slopes of Cortina