Ski Mountaineering - Toffol - Col Duro (Selva di Cadore)

Cernera, Croda da Lago, Lastoi di Formin
4 - 4,30h
Località Toffol - sopra la frazione di Santa Fosca, vari parcheggi si trovano sia a Santa Fosca, sia nelle vicinanze di Toffol.
Col Duro

Exciting medium-difficulty itinerary starting from the picturesque hamlet of Toffol, where you can admire some of the traditional and rural buildings characterising the area: the time here has stopped a long time ago. In Toffol take the right before the bridge crossing the river Loschiesuoi, where a panel indicates “Mondeval”. After about 1 km go past the Pien de Vacia” farmhouse and then continue for 2 kilometres until you reach the Cordon river, where an ARPAV station is set. 10 metres before getting there you'll find a signpost indicating “Mondeval” and three totems containing the description of the territory and the archaelogical discoveries in Mondeval. The itinerary heads North, North-East, and after less then 1 kilometre you go past the Casera di Mondeval di Sotto. Keep going up, go across the Rio de Mondeval stream and then go up again, heading North, in direction of Mondeval di Sopra. At the end of the rise turn right, in direction North-East and walk up on the right, along the slope leading to Col Duro (2383mt): from there you can enjoy a breathtaking view. To go back follow the same itinerary.



Check the snow condition before leaving


ski mountaineering equipment: shovel, avalanche transceiver, ARTVA, helmet


Dolomite group
Cernera, Croda da Lago, Lastoi di Formin
Col Duro
6 km circa
Positive elevation gain
915 m