CAI seats in the Cadore Dolomites

In the Cadore Dolomites, CAI seats are in San Vito, Pieve and Calalzo

San Vito chorus

Since 1977, the chorus has performed in Italy and abroad with its wide collection of songs

Pro Loco Tiziano

Pro Loco Tiziano

Polisportiva Caprioli San Vito

The association deals with all the sports which can be practised in the mountains

Borca di Cadore Corte Spa Water&Wellness

Centro wellness con piscina, sauna, area fitness e massaggi per coccolarsi nelle Dolomiti del Cadore


Carum play cover of songs of famous singers and groups

Palatini estate agency

Born in 1972, the agency deals with rental and sale of houses...


Memorable rock band, born in San Vito di Cadore, who also introduced the concerts of Mia Martini and Ivano Fossati in Longarone

Cultural Association Blues&Soul

The association organizes the San Vito Blues&Soul Festival, cineforum, Club 56 live music and atmosphere and many other events

Dolomiti Cadore Ski Club

Sport association who has become a point of reference for guys who do competitive skiing

Pro Loco Valle di Cadore

Pro Loco Valle di Cadore

Red Violin

Celtic and irish sounds well known not only in Valle del Boite, but also in North Italy

Famiglia Cooperativa

Famiglia Cooperativa

Dolomiti Emergency

The insurance policy covers the costs of the search for missing people, rescue, recovery and transport by whatever means, including the use of the helicopter

The Archaeological Museum of Cadore

Il museo raccoglie i reperti archeologici ritrovati in Cadore, importanti testimonianze di storia e preistoria

The Ethnographic Museum

Il museo racconta la vita quotidiana e i vecchi mestieri di un tempo nelle Dolomiti del Cadore

Valboite band

Valboite banda has performed concerts in Italy and abroad since 1982

Caldart Energia

Caldart Energia