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Open Air Museum of the Great War

Between trenches and tunnels of the Great War on Sass de Stria

"Per aspera ad astra" exhibition

Dedicated to the Alpine Guides in Cima Tofana at 3244m.

Astronomical Observatory

Two telescopes at 1778m to observe the celestial vault for young and old

De Zanna Castle

A small castle nestled in the streets of Cortina

Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti

264 square metres of space devoted to all forms of art and culture and to MICE events, at an altitude of 2,778 metres

Museo Paleontologico Rinaldo Zardini

The geological history of the Dolomites

Rescue Permafrost

An innovative research project against climate change

Botestagno Castle

A castle with a view of the Dolomites steeped in history and legend

Museo d'Arte Moderna Mario Rimoldi

One of the most important modern art collections in Italy

Alexander Girardi Hall

Conference hall, but also cinema, theatre and concert hall

Cinema Alexander Girardi Hall

For the entertainment of young and old

Pocol Military Memorial

A magnificent work in memory of the fallen soldiers of the First World War

The Great War Open Air Museum

World War testimonies on Lagazuoi

Sala Cultura

The Sala Cultura has 95 comfortable seats arranged theater style in order to facilitate maximum visibility of the stage. Audio-microphone conference equipment, projector from pC or dVD, accreditation room

Museum of War "Forte Tre Sassi"

Museum with more than 2,000 war relics from the Great War in the Dolomites.

Casa Corazza

Between legends and traditions

Museo Etnografico Regole d'Ampezzo

To discover customs and traditions of Cortina

Ciàsa de i Pùpe

A work of art in the centre of Cortina